A Career Explorer Program from Valpar

Winner of the 1999 Curriculum Administrator Districts' Choice Award
Top 100 Products

Valpar is honored to be a recipient of this award. Inclusion as a Top 100* winner distinguishes Magellan as one of a very select group. From the thousands of product announcements received each year, only about 1200 are covered editorially by Curriculum Administrator. Those were then evaluated further over the course of the year through reader response and through direct interaction between readers and editors to determine the Top 100 products for the year.

Perhaps the most crucial element in this years' selection process was the intensified effort to get direct, honest appraisal from their readers. Curriculum Administrator surveyed visitors to their booth at conferences, including the American Association of School Administrators and the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Readers were also queried when they wrote to respond to articles.

Readers shared their insights, frustrations and enthusiasms, and made it clear in their responses that the tools of the trade, including software, make a world of difference in helping them achieve their goals with students.

Valpar International invites you to try Magellan for yourself. See if you don't agree that Magellan is the best Career Exploration product in the market!

*The top 100 products were not ranked.

With approval of Curriculum Administrator.

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