Valpar products are widely used in:


Rehabilitation specialists use Valpar Work Samples and Pro3000 software to assess the functioning level of their clients.

Valpar provides a choice of instruments that will give solid, defensible data when working with injured workers, personal injury cases or with someone who simply wants a career change.

See also Sharing the Commitment, Valpar Component Work Samples Uses in Allied Health.

Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy and Work Conditioning

OT/PT Work Conditioning Specialists use Valpar Work Samples to assess functioning levels and physical capacities of their patients.

The MTM analysis used by Valpar provides an accurate way to compare patient performance to competitive industrial standards. MTM is also an excellent method for tracking progress over time.

Work conditioning therapy is provided through repeated administrations of the Work Samples.

Education, Career Assessment, School to Work Transition, and Technology Education Labs

Award-winning Magellan is the perfect software tool for career exploration in middle schools, high schools, special education programs, corrections facilities, One-Stop Centers, and Workforce Investment Boards. Magellan provides tools of self-discovery and links the results to occupations that match the individual. Magellan uses 8 assessments and surveys to measure 12 interest areas and 27 criterion-referenced factors based on the U.S. Department of Labor's "Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs."

Pro3000 is a valuable resource for career exploration and development. It provides a variety of assessment tools, including:

The results of these surveys and assessments can be directly compared to several databases:

Middle schools and high Schools using ScanTEK (from L.J. Technical Systems) will find that Valpar's CareerTEK integrates perfectly in a ScanTEK lab by providing career assessment and exploration to compliment ScanTEK modules.

Workforce and Career Development

Agencies use Valpar's Pro3000 software for:

Pro3000 software can:

Employment Screening

Business and Industry use Pro3000 and Valpar Work Samples to qualify candidates for jobs. By analyzing job positions in terms of objective DOL job factors and assessing candidates with Valpar instruments that provide similar numbers, direct comparisons can be made in order to find the best applicant for the job. Benefits include reduced turnover, lower training costs, and strengthened EEOC compliance.

One Stop Career Shops

One Stop Career Shops have achieved success with SYSTEM 2000, (now available in Windows-based Pro3000 version), because it provides criterion-referenced assessment that can be directly linked to jobs and careers. In addition, assessment and career exploration results can be combined to generate a basic skills remediation prescription with SkillsBank. Illinois, Oklahoma and South Dakota have made SYSTEM 2000 an integral part of their One Stop Career Shops.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Valpar's FCE system, Joule, is used by Physical and Occupational Therapists to identify safe maximum levels of functional work ability. Joule can most often be found in industrial rehabilitation settings such as hospitals, work hardening programs, occupational medicine facilities, and out-patient therapy clinics. Because Joule functions as a Work Evaluation for post-offer, pre-hire testing, it can also be purchased directly by employers for use in their on-site clinics or testing facilities.

Joule not only identifies work abilities, the FCE results can identify the need for other appropriate interventions such as work conditioning, pain management, or exercise programs. Joule identifies the level of a client's consistency in their FCE participation. Once identified, this roadblock can be removed, resulting in faster case closure and return to work. Professionals who refer individuals for FCEs include:


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