Empowering Clients To Succeed With Pro3000 in Ohio

Empowering Clients To Succeed With Pro3000 in Ohio

Brad Hale is an unabashed Valpar supporter who sometimes risks a bashing to prove a point. At a week-long Pro3000 training with 27 participants, one of them, a man in his late 50ís, approached Brad at the start of the session on the first day. “He was very angry, very disgruntled,” said Brad. “He absolutely did not want to be there, had no desire to learn yet another assessment system.” Brad offered the man a deal: If the man would participate for the first day, and at the end of that time if Brad had not shown him how to save four hours of work time per week, Brad would let the man punch him in the nose. “He was the type of person who found that prospect irresistible, and he readily agreed to stick it out for the day. His colleagues assured me that he would take me up on the offer if I failed to produce,” explained Hale. To the outside observer, the short-term well being of Bradís nose might have seemed nebulous, but he was never worried.

Bradís confidence stems from using Valpar assessment systems for over 20 years, starting with MESA and now Pro3000. “I refuse to Ďdumb downí the services I provide. I wonít use the canned, one-size-fits-all stuff thatís out there. Iíve worked with just about every client population there is, and I canít imagine anyone being effective and efficient without using the Valpar system.”

Brad has high praise for Valparís technical support services. Over the years, heís contacted Valpar numerous times with suggestions for software modifications and adaptations that have been made. “The technical services department is phenomenal. Thereís always someone there to talk to. A real person. Usually, when you call a company, youíre lucky if you get to talk to anyone, much less someone who can actually help you. At Valpar, thatís never a problem. Theyíve been great. Very responsive. The turnaround time is very fast.”

Brad, a nationally certified vocational evaluator, held the position of Career Assessment Coordinator at the Maplewood Career Center (MCC) in Ravenna, Ohio, for almost seven years. The MCC is a Career and Technology Center with the public schools system. It is funded with local, state and federal funding. The MCC serves between 200 to 300 clients per year, including high school students, disadvantaged youth, displaced and dislocated workers and others. The MCC also provides employment screening services for area businesses.

Students are referred to the MCC by parents, teachers, principals, and counselors. Through the stateís “Career Passports” program, students are evaluated and guided into courses that will prepare them for the world of work in their chosen fields based on their personal interests and skills. While employed at MCC, Brad developed and maintained a database of area jobs, apprenticeships, and training programs using Pro3000. Each listing had its own worker qualifications profile that he compared to student and client profiles for referral purposes. They were then referred into apprenticeships, training programs, and jobs.

“We empowered students by providing the knowledge they needed to make good, realistic choices. I believe in it. I even tested my own daughters on Pro3000. I remember having a student come in who wanted to be an elementary school teacher. Her scores indicated she had a very kinesthetic vocational personality, one quite unlike that of an elementary school teacher. After testing and a little occupational exploration, she found she was interested in physical therapy, and we arranged for her to do some job shadowing with a physical therapist assistant. She liked it and is now planning to go into a Physical Therapy Assistant program when she graduates.”

In June 1997 Brad founded Career Assessment Systems where he remains today, providing comprehensive vocational evaluation services. Career Assessment Systems has become a prominent referral source for the Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission, Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation and Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired serving consumers throughout the State of Ohio. Career Assessment Systems is also a certified provider of vocational services to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation providing vocational services to injured workers throughout the State of Ohio. Career Assessment Systems has also been established as a provider of vocational services to the Workforce Investment Act, public schools and business and industrial throughout the State of Ohio.

Brad was born in California and grew up in Pennsylvania. His dad raised and raced horses in Ohio, New York, New Mexico, and Arizona. Brad worked in a capital equipment company as a personnel manager and assistant plant manager, so he understands the needs of business and industry. He also worked with developmentally disabled people and in the rehabilitation industry, and enjoys the challenges of providing services to these populations.

Brad has developed what he terms “dual aptitude assessment.” He cross-validates all aptitude scores from Pro3000ís COMPASS at least twice, with scores from other tests, often psychometric tests. He uses Pro3000ís TECO (Test Conversion module) to convert raw scores from those tests into criterion-referenced scores. In that way, Brad is confident that his assessments present an accurate picture of his clientsí interests, skills, and abilities. “When you believe in your results you are standing on a strong foundation. Pro 3000 is like standing on the Rock of Gibraltar.”

Bradís program stresses accountability, and various outcome measures are used to evaluate success. Pro3000ís client database accommodates formal follow-up studies that focus on outcomes such as client placement and success in training programs. “I have been very successful in what I do for my clients, and because of the client tracking capabilities of Pro3000 and with follow-up studies, I can easily prove it.”

“Itís monumental what can be done for people with Pro3000.” Brad told of a man who was referred for assessment by the stateís Rehabilitation Services Commission. The gentleman had been unsuccessful in his search for a job in his chosen profession, in which he had a doctoral degree. “He was depressed, even suicidal. He was very bright, and his scores were high. His profile was a good fit with that of insurance claims adjuster. He looked into it and was interested. He went back to school, got a bachelorís in business, and is now very happy working in the insurance industry. I mean, thatís a great story.”

So what happened to Bradís nose? “Well, at the end of the day, he came up to me with a smile on his face and announced that ĎFor the first time in 20 years, Iím looking forward to the next four days of training.í”

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