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ENTER HERE® is the series of one hundred videotapes, divided into ten occupational clusters. The videos, each approximately ten minutes in length are closed-captioned, and:

  • are filmed at actual work sites across the United States;
  • introduce all students to real jobs with real opportunities;
  • show the relationship between school and work;
  • support all career pathway choices;
  • encourage continuing education and training; and
  • motivate students without overwhelming them.

  • People

    Young Workers

    The ENTER HERE® videos feature employees talking about their jobs, dreams, self-confidence, and accomplishments. The videos display the careers. The videos display America's future taking shape today. And the employees - they all become inspiring, honest role models.

    Celebrity Spokespeople

    These celebrated people add their personal stories to ENTER HERE®: Muggsy Bogues, NBA point-guard; Bonnie Blair, five-time Olympic gold medalist in speed-skating; Edward James Olmos, actor; John Thompson, Georgetown University head basketball coach; Boomer Esiason, NFL quarterback; and more on the way ... stay tuned.

    Dedicated Educators

    ENTER HERE® is currently being used across the country by classroom teachers, librarians, career guidance counselors, and media center professionals.

    Corporate Executives and Government Officials

    These involved professionals have become committed members of business-school-community partnerships formed around the goals of ENTER HERE®.


    ENTER HERE® includes reproducible print materials for Middle School or High School/Adult,

    that correspond to each one of the one hundred videos...

    100 Videos - 10 Clusters

    Personal, Family and Community Series

  • Education Aide
  • Apprentice Mechanic
  • Library Assistant
  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Security Systems Installer
  • Dog Groomer
  • Leasing Agent
  • Jeweler
  • Electronics Technician
  • Interior Plant Technician
  • Communications, Entertainment and the Arts

  • Electronic Production Artist
  • Printing Press Feeder
  • Camera Technician
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Production Assistant
  • Visitor Services Representative
  • Apprentice Photographer
  • Film Processing Technician
  • Advertising Creator
  • Theme Park Supervisor
  • Government and Public Administration

  • Dispatcher
  • Firefighter
  • Water Treatment Plant Operator
  • Youth Division Aide
  • Official Court Reporter
  • Letter Carrier
  • Patrol Officer
  • Recycler
  • Office Clerk of the Court
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Wholesale and Resale Trade

  • Stock Associate
  • Forklift Operator
  • Sales Associate
  • Car Rental Agent
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Direct Sales Representative
  • Distribution Center Associate
  • Merchandise Distributor
  • Visual Coordinator
  • Assistant Purchasing Agent
  • Food and Hospitality

  • Reservations Clerk
  • Cook
  • Order Taker
  • Food Service Manager
  • Baker
  • Catering Assistant
  • Host
  • Dietary Assistant
  • Cheesemaker
  • Food Preparer
  • Manufacturing Technology and Construction

  • Conveyor Assembler
  • Aprentice Carpenter
  • Equipment Mechanic
  • Product Assembler
  • Apprentice Plumber
  • Numerical-Control Machine-Tool Operator
  • Apprentice Operating Engineer
  • Production Operator
  • Robotics Technician
  • Tool and Die Maker
  • Transportation and Public Utilities

  • Meter Reader
  • Extra List Clerk
  • Production Agent
  • Bus Driver
  • Flight Attendant
  • Truck Driver
  • Utility Worker
  • Fleet Service Clerk
  • Surveying Technician
  • Member Services Clerk
  • Agribusiness, Forestry, Wildlife, and Mining

  • Oil and Gas Gauger
  • Animal Caretaker - Farrier's Assistant
  • Greenhouse Production Assistant
  • Forestry Technician
  • Agricultural Laboratory Technician
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Hatchery Technician
  • Seed Lab Technician
  • Soil Conservation Technician
  • Ranch Hand
  • Health and Biomedical Services

  • Respiratory Care Aide
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Dental Assistant
  • Central Sterile Services Technician
  • Blood Donor Technician
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Home Health Aide
  • Opthalmic Technician
  • Production Scientist
  • EKG Technician
  • Conveyor Assembler
  • Business and Financial Operations Support

  • Receiving Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Insurance Underwriting Clerk
  • Remittance Processing Clerk
  • Legal Secretary
  • Systems Operator
  • Commercial Collector
  • Assistant Forms Coordinator
  • Account Coordinator
  • Technical Site Representative

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