A New Generation FCE

A New Generation FCE

(Advance, Marion Publications - to appear April 1999)

Valpar International Corporation, a leader in developing and manufacturing hands-on performance-based occupational assessment systems for over 25 years, introduces Joule, a revolutionary new Functional Capacity Evaluation system designed to be safer, flexible, standardized and cost effective. JOULE is the only product that contains a standardized system for collecting and evaluating subjective client data that can be matched to objective observations.

JOULE contains all the components necessary to complete dozens of protocol plans requiring assessment of all the weighted activities, positional tolerances, repetitive tolerances and upper extremity testing. JOULE uses a conversion system to account for the many ergonomic variables in a work environment which might affect a client's work abilities

Powerful windows-based software is an integral part of JOULE and provides a pool of job-specific plans that can be customized to specific needs. JOULE software paces the FCE administration, speeds data collection and provides automated reports compatible with most word processors. JOULE's client database records all activities, data and observations for each FCE.

JOULE is designed to be safe, objective and efficient for return-to-work determinations. JOULE has one, two and multi-day testing flexibility. JOULE provides evaluators with a powerful, flexible system for all their FCE needs. With no per-assessment fees and flexible leasing options, JOULE is the brightest gem on the market. For further information call (800) 633-3321 or E-mail: VALPAR@valparint.com.

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