Looking For Reliability In An FCE? Dean Therapy Center Found It

Work Conditioning Referrals Increase With Joule

Over the past year, Barry Miller and his team at Reid Hospital in Richmond, Indiana, have become firm believers in the power of Joule.

Barry, Director of the physical therapy department at Reid Hospital, recently stated that, “Weíve seen a nice increase in work conditioning referrals in the past year. I attribute the increase, in good part, to Reidís acquisition of the Joule FCE system. In addition, our documentation time with Joule is virtually eliminated.” This means that Joule has a double benefit for Reid Hospital: increased referrals, and increased billable time for therapists.

Barry went on to explain that the therapy team developed a new strategy for assessing Workersí Comp clients, with Joule playing a central role. “We use Joule in a modified manner to administer a baseline core lift assessment (waist to waist, waist to floor, and waist to eye level lifts), test areas of critical job demands, and we provide our referral sources with this data.” Referral sources then use the functional testing results to determine if return to work is appropriate, or if other services, such as work conditioning, are indicated.

Barry went on to say, “Itís really a win-win situation. When physicians are able to expedite return-to-work as a result of input from the physical therapy department, their confidence in us grows. When a work conditioning program is indicated, we get the business. In both ways — assessments and work conditioning — we provide valuable services to our community.”

When asked about other benefits of using the Joule FCE system, the staff in the physical medicine department concur: Jouleís streamlined documentation system and negligible documentation time tops the list. Reid Hospitalís previous method of administering FCEs was both time-consuming to administer, and laborious to write up. Joule, on the other hand, streamlines test administration by allowing evaluators to eliminate testing protocols that are not relevant to the nature of the injury and the critical job demands. At the conclusion of testing, the report is ready to be printed. “Our efficiencies have definitely increased since acquiring Joule,” says Miller.

Other favored aspects of Joule include enhanced cohesiveness in testing processes and Jouleís strong focus on function. Barry is especially pleased that FCE referrals have not only increased since the addition of Joule, they have also become more consistent.

And whatís next for Barry Miller and the team at Reid? Theyíll be expanding their clinic and moving into a new facility. In addition to increasing physical space, there will be an expansion of services. They are working closely with Reidís occupational health department to forge new industry relationships. Joule will be used in this effort to develop post-offer, pre-hire employment screens for employers striving to decrease work injuries. As Reid grows, so do the variety of quality services offered through Reidís Joule system.


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