Salina Kansas Invests In Future With Pro3000

Salina Kansas Invests In Future With Pro3000

Jean Rodgers, Manager, Workforce Development for the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce has worked with Valpar assessments for four years. “Pro3000 is very realistic, very reality-based. That’s one of the things people like about it,” said Jean. “It shows people what actual jobs entail as well as how their own abilities compare to those job requirements. It serves clients well because client awareness is enhanced by the assessment process itself.”

Serving north central Kansas, the center includes the Regional Workforce Center, Salina Small Business Development Center, School to Career business liaison, and the Salina Regional One-Stop Partnership. The Center provides a variety of services and programs to area job seekers and businesses, including services under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998. The Development Center works with job seekers to determine their vocational interests and abilities to help identify optimal employment opportunities in the Salina area.

“We help dislocated workers by assessing their transferable skills and guiding them into suitable work,” Jean said. “For example, we recently had a gentleman come in who had a background in manufacturing labor. He’d been laid off and came to us saying that he’d always felt unchallenged in his work. Sure enough, his assessment results showed that he actually had high Reasoning abilities. With that knowledge and the encouragement it gave him, he’s now taking appropriate courses at a local technical college and plans to go into the engineering field.”

In another case, a 78 year-old client had always enjoyed working and had no wish to retire. Recently laid off from the job she held for 40 years, she decided she wanted to try a job in the computer field. Her One-Stop case manager suggested a work skills assessment. At the Development Center she completed Valpar’s Pro3000 assessment to establish her vocational interests and relevant abilities. From there, perhaps there would be a referral for training or even a job working with computers.

“Well, what happened is a good example of one of the advantages of Valpar’s Pro3000,” said Jean. “The client lacked the dexterity skills for computer work, and as she went through the computerized assessment, she found she had great difficulty with even the simplest tasks.” Through the assessment it was determined that employment using her best abilities would probably not involve keyboarding and eye-hand coordination, so they are exploring other avenues.

The Development Center serves hundreds of clients each year, many of whom are area high school students in the School to Career program. “Students, their teachers and parents like Valpar’s assessments and reports,” said Rodgers. “They especially like the Pro3000 Comparison Reports. We usually compare the students’ skills to the requirements of three selected occupations.”

Valpar’s Pro3000 is an approved instrument under the federal Workforce Investment Act, and the Development Center’s Technical Lab now has six Pro3000 stations. Clients are assessed in the Lab, and portable laptop units bring services to outlying area schools to use with students.

Jean, who grew up in Salina, is a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), with over 20 years of experience in the field. Next summer, Jean will complete her studies at the Institute for Organizational Management sponsored by the United States Chamber of Commerce, where she will hone the skills and knowledge she uses back in Salina.

“Pro3000 is unique, and it’s a great asset to the Salina community,” said Rodgers. “ There’s nothing else like it.”

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